Shtoltse lider

Photo: Nadim Elazzeh

Shtoltse lider/Proud poems


Yiddish poetry by women writers set to original music and engaged storytelling

Since 2022 the project Shtoltse lider is performed live by Ida Gillner and violinist Livet Nord.
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The project Shtoltse lider emerged in 2015 by the duo Ida&Louise when they were asked by the yiddish community in Gothenburg to write a piece of music for a Rokhl Korn seminar. It evolved into a bigger project covering not only Korns poems, but several other women writers from that time, resulting in a performing art show premiering 2017 and the album Shtoltse lider that was released in 2019.

The project is based on work by five women yiddish writers; Anna Margolin, Celia Dropkin, Malka Heifetz Tussman, Rokhl Korn and Kadya Molodovsky - all born in Eastern Europe towards the end of the 19th century and mostly active before the second World War – a time of flowering for Yiddish culture. Words and music are carefully woven together with the aim of creating a dense and deep harmony between the music, the expression and the poetry. The songs are presented in Yiddish and English, covering themes like emancipation, longing and forbidden desires.


Ida&Louise is knitting the performance into an artistic whole of music, poetry and historical insights by short introductions to the poets and the time they appeared along with the music. In Shtoltse lider the duo revives these almost forgotten poems and creates a poetic musical universe flavoured with klezmer, tango, art music, jazz and 1920´s cabaret.

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